I would post this photo on Ted Cruz’s Facebook page to show his minions how he doesn’t care as much about America — or them — as they think he does, but they would just ignore it or explain it away.

The minions’ latest effort is to post on social media such comments as “Ted Cruz can’t possibly win.” “Time for Ted Cruz to reach out to Trump and ask for the VP slot”. “Don’t vote for Ted Cruz. He’s a loser (or a liar, or whatever the current propaganda meme is).” It’s an effort to get Cruz to give up and to discourage his supporters and any independents or undecideds who haven’t committed yet. As I see it, the Trumpsters are getting anxious, maybe even desperate. Little Donnie still does not have enough delegates and even if he wins the rest of the primaries, there is still the possibility he will not get the nomination. So they will by any means necessary either psych out Ted Cruz and his supporters to give it up and support Donnie, or if they can’t do that, they will destroy Ted Cruz and his supporters.

Both Ted and his supporters must pray for the strength to resist. We all have to be strong. No matter what happens at the rest of the primaries and caucuses, or at the convention, we must not let anyone — Trump’s storm troopers, the GOPe or Democrat operatives or saboteurs — deter us. We cannot be cowed into voting for the orange skinned tyrant or any other loser who might get the nomination. We must work to install Ted Cruz in the White House. It’s the only way to save the US from certain doom.

God bless Ted Cruz. God bless all of us.