slhancock1948 #2866

Yes, Everyday, we must continue to fight the good fight! While I know this is considered by most to JUST be a political battle, many, if not most of us here, know that this is even more of a spiritual battle than political. We cannot grow weary. I look at Ted and Heidi, and I know they must be exhausted, but they are fighting hard every day. The worst is the slander and lying. It gets to your inner being, so you must be prayed up. Every time you appear on a TV spot the anchor is throwing it in your face, repeating like they believe it, too!

I have not seen a man endure such hypocrisy from supposed fellow believers (Huckabee, Santorum, Carson & Rubio calling him a liar over and over again) and vitriol from his own party as Cruz has and still maintain a Christian attitude. I know Scott Walker endured a lot, as did many of his followers, but they were from the opposition party. I didn’t put Trump in the above-mentioned group because he is not a believer. Trump is basically a democrat…and that video by his daughter in FL, asking democrats to register to vote for her dad revealed a lot about Trump because it basically stated that Trump would help them preserve their ideology…a very subtle hint there.

Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem