Victoria #291

slhancock1948, you said: ” To be honest, FR was losing their conservative flavor over time, and some of the language used there was getting to me. I work in a prison where it is nothing but gutter language. I don’t want to come home and read a site that was once the gem of conservatism, but had fallen into disarray and coarseness.”

I was an associate psychologist/ professional counselor/psychological examiner for 20 years, and some of my patients were career criminals, so there is no gutter language I haven’t heard. You are hearing it every day, all day, so I know that is hard for you.

Since Trump became a candidate, the gutter language is not removed on that website and even the owner uses it now. That place has really changed since last July. I have been there for 16 years and have friends there and they are not happy with the changes, either, but some of those I thought were friends, have turned into Trump destroyers, and no longer consider me as a friend because I am a Cruz supporter.

I am glad to see this website where gutter language won’t be permitted.