silver pines #3001

Doing one post before I go to bed….husband’s grandmother passed away, so today has been busy, and tomorrow will be, as well. Hope to get caught up afterward.

Consistent, thank you for posting this thread and for the link to Cruz’s speech. I’ll hopefully be able to watch it in entirety later this week.

There’s a thread up at FR….out of about 100 posts, I counted a dozen favorable to Ted. The rest were stupid, mindless raving and character assassination by dumbassed (sorry) Trumptard jackals. Their passion and love for their tangerine boyfriend is a jealous love, indeed.

Sadly, some are still professing love for FR, attempting to reason with idiots, and asking said idiots to “please” refrain from posting on Cruz threads.

Guys. Freepers. Stop it. Gather your dignity and your self-respect about you, and leave that germ-ridden sewer. Don’t be abused spouses. Shake the dirt off your feet—and into the faces of those drooling morons.

It’s just a website. It isn’t the home of liberty on the net, or the last great hope for conservative values, or whatever slogan JimRob shouts with his caps and multiple exclamation points as he claims to be on a “mission from God” (I wonder if he even knows he was quoting the Blues Brothers).

It might have been something, once, but those days are gone. I remember when posters were encouraged to contribute well-thought-out posts in order to add to the conversation. Now, you’re much more likely to see some Trumptard yelling the “F” word and hurling juvenile insults (much like his intellectually challenged idol).

And JimRob? Sometimes I think Freepers have been conditioned to culthood all along…Jim isn’t your second father (as one fawning Freeper put it). He isn’t a superhero or your Fearless Leader (another direct quote) or the second coming of George Washington. He’s some guy who runs a website, who deserves respect for his military service but who has become just another dumb, snarling Trumpbot.

There is no conservatism on FR any longer. It’s become a joke all over the internet. People on social media mock it and call it a liberal cesspool. Wake up, guys. Get out and away from there. You’ll feel better. You’ll breathe clean air, unfunked by the exhalations of Branch Trumpidians. And your mind will clear and you’ll realize you don’t need that pit of lunacy after all.

Come here, or don’t. Just leave. I really can’t stand to see decent people trying and failing to deal rationally with barking, slavering moonbats.