kleindropper #3016

Walter Hudson has an article on True North asking what a post apocaylptic conservative movement should look like:


I’ll throw the question out there: If Trump gets the nomination then gets destroyed in the general (taking many Senate and Congressional seats with him) – what is the proper way forward for the Republican party? I’m sure the Establishment will try to say “I told you so” and try to retain power, but with Trump/Cruz being #1/#2 I think the writing is on the wall for them.

A lot of Trump’s message resonates for me (my problem is that I don’t trust Trump from a values or competence side). I lean more towards free trade personally but the message of strong border controls and citizen based government resonates.

Polls show that conservative libertarian-ism is the way the country is trending, and I think that is the way forward for the Republican party. Shrink that federal government down and fight ideological battles at the state level.