slhancock1948 #3025

Trump resonated at first, until I saw the holes in his rhetoric, the quickness to grovel to one group then another. I heard his lies begin…as one can tell when you are a “junkie” like me, the inconsistencies and the slandering of other candidates to take the attention away from what he just said and place the scrutiny onto another person. All of a sudden THEY had to defend themselves in some way while he went on with his spectacular empty speeches. About 6 weeks into Trump’s campaign, I knew for sure he had no core values, he had no lows to which he would not stoop, that he could wing it through any speech and his loyal followers would think him a messiah. We conservatives need to reassess what our core values are…which I think for most of us go back to the founding documents…in their original intent, not in the 20th century politispeak.

I was always a Cruz supporter, as we have followed him now for about 6 years, or more. However, when Trump came out, publishing his manifesto, it looked good, really good, and with the name recognition, we felt that we could vote for either candidate. Like I said, though, 6 weeks later we saw clearly that Trump has no core values, he talks from both sides of his mouth one day to the next, even contradicting himself the same day at different events or with different reporters. It became bizarre.
And now, this whole cult thing is out of hand.

As for the republican party, I don’t see them changing from statism anytime soon. They are quite happy with the slow progress towards the government being in control of everybody’s lives. You can see the expressions on their faces when asked conservative questions and then asked again because the questioner didn’t believe them the first time. It’s the same old arrogance of the left and you can see their minds saying, “When will we be done with these lamebrain conservatives who only want to go backwards?”

Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem