Victoria #3305

Trump said: “Just to show you how unfair Republican primary politics can be, I won the State of Louisiana and get less delegates than Cruz-Lawsuit coming”

The word, “unfair”. That one sentence above is the whole of Donald Trump. He lives by the word, “unfair” – any action involving him of which he does not approve, is UNFAIR to him. How many times have you heard UNFAIR come out of his mouth?

The word, “won”. He must win even if he did not win. He lost Iowa and said he won because Cruz cheated. He has said one million times, “I won” no matter what the subject is.

The word, “lawsuit”. If he does not like “x”, he sues. Anyone can file a lawsuit against anyone if they have the money to do it. He has a stack of lawyers and can sue anyone he wants, so he does.

If he is president, I can see him suing Russia or the pizza delivery guy bringing pizza to the White House.

There are millions of bright, knowledgeable, moral men in this country, and we have nut case Trump running for president. If he is the candidate, we are better off with Bernie Sanders. At least he is honest, a nice grandfather type, says he is a socialist and presents his plans. He would do less damage than Trump. Trump Is a disaster waiting to happen.