silver pines #3453

If we watch any TV news at all, we briefly turn on CNN. Sure, they’re liberal, but they’re not blatantly pro-Trump like Fox.

I haven’t listened to Rush for months. The last straw came for me when a caller phoned in to address Trump’s liberal past & positions, and Rush mocked him with dripping condescension—completely dismissed the guy’s concerns.

No, I take it back….I turned him on a couple of weeks ago just to see what he was saying. It took about five seconds for him to say that Trump was hated by the establishment (by a lot of CONSERVATIVES, Rush!), and that people just didn’t understand the reason for his appeal.

My husband used to listen to Rush at work, but no more…now he tunes in Dana Loesch. Hub doesn’t have my temper, but he says he got sick of Rush constantly trying to explain why Trump is popular.

I know why he’s popular. People are angry, and they’re letting their emotions lead them into making stupid decisions.

So you’re angry. Get over it; so are we all. Harness your outrage in an intelligent manner.