silver pines #3466

Silver Pines, you said: “It stuns me every day, all over again.”

That is exactly the way Bob and I feel every day – when we get up, we wonder, “What has he done already today?” and there is always something he has done, either during the night or early in the morning and we are more stunned that day than the day before. He must be in a war every day, hit someone hard, or he is not happy. If he is president, there will be no peace every day of his “rule” – it will be war every day and tweets during the night to insult whoever ticked him off that day. He is a disgrace of a man.

If we feel this way about the man and everything that spills out of his undisciplined fool’s mouth, then isn’t it a frightening statement that none of it seems to matter? That nothing is sufficient to end his candidacy?

Although maybe today will help. Brent Bozell says Trump has no path to 1237 delegates if he loses Wisconsin.

Trump’s mode of operation is to destroy everyone who crosses him. He’s tried to do so with every other candidate, with Michelle Fields, with Cruz, Cruz’s wife…and he’ll be the same monster of destruction in the White House.