Victoria #3640

I heard yesterday that Trump is using her in several places in Wisconsin. She talks, rather screeches, in phrases, not sentences, and the words make no sense. I think her whole family should be in intensive care, except the Down’s Syndrome son. There’s the daughter with two illegitimate children, and the alcoholic son who gets in fights and wants to kill himself. These two need counseling really bad.

The husband has been in intensive care due to two deflated lungs and broken ribs. He is lucky to be alive with both lungs deflated. As an EMT, I will say it was likely the broken ribs that punched into the his lungs. That pain would be severe.

Her behavior and dress has deteriorated into what Bob calls “trailer park trash”. I don’t know anyone who lives in a trailer park so I can’t attest to that. If I were a candidate, she would not be on my list for anything.