Victoria #3704

To all about that WALL:

Some months ago, Trump went to the Texas border with Mexico. After he saw what he saw, he said a wall would not work in some places. That was the underestimation of a life time.

You see, the entire state of Texas border with Mexico, is the RIO GRANDE RIVER. You can’t build a wall on this side of the river or you cut off Rio Grande River water for farmers and ranchers. You can’t build the wall on the Mexico side of the river because they own that land, we don’t, and their farmers and ranchers need the Rio Grande River water.

YOU SEE THE BORDER WITH TEXAS AND MEXICO IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RIO GRANDE RIVER and you can’t build a wall in the middle of the river.

There is a dry land border starting at New Mexico all the way to California – he can build his wall there but he can’t build it in TEXAS in the middle of that river.

The next time Trump says he is building a great wall, a super great wall, he ain’t building it in Texas.