ConstitutionalConservative #3743

Rgintn, Myself6, welcome to CC very good to have you aboard, you will find the folks here to be friendly, respectful, reasonable like minded constitutional conservatives all of whom are bent towards seeing the restoration of our Constitutional Republic and the principles declared there in. We are not subject to the varied flamboyant political winds of those who would sacrifice and discard those constitutional principles and values for personal power, prestige and admiration as we will not be deterred from that fundamental design of a more perfect union.

You are going to love it here, a place where new arrivals are celebrated not denigrated or subjected to foolish insults but treated with respect in a mature manner. Things are a bit slow as this site is so very new but it is beginning to grow and is not formulated to compete with other sites but developed to become a truly no comprise conservative home; the fact is there are not very many such sites anymore; so many have compromised and darkened the basics for profit, numbers and status… Oh and BTW we can still disagree, be sarcastic, humorous and all those fun things but we do so in a non personal derogatory manner, others may say that but we practice it so there is no need to be moderated like children; real conservatives are thinkers not emotionally driven wrecks void of reason, logic, common sense and self control… It Is All So Very Good ENJOY!