ConstitutionalConservative #375

Cruz has the highest of standards his people technically did nothing wrong but assume what appeared to be the obvious (the report by CNN that Carson pulling up stakes and going home before the count was even over) then Cruz staffers did not properly follow up to correct the false assumption. Cruz did what a leader is suppose to do, he recognized and acknowledged a problem and as a leader he took responsibility for everything his people do and fail to do.

Cruz later apologized to Carson for the misrepresentation, that is class leadership, a real leader takes responsibility a leader is responsible for all those who work for him, everything they do and everything they fail to do.

Then today Cruz said he would not discipline any campaign staffers for notifying Iowa caucusgoers that Carson had plans to drop out of the race even though Carson said he only had plans for a quick trip home to Florida to change clothes. (a very strange and suspicious thing to say and do if you ask me) credit this report to and read more at

Cruz does not pass the buck! Of course Trump and other candidates will use this against him, the apology and his unwillingness to scapegoat his people will be presented as a serious weakness, you will hear them say things like, haven’t we had enough of apologies, haven’t we had enough of not holding people responsible for their actions, mark my words that and much worse is coming. Cruz supporters know the character of the man we support so we weather the many storms of false accusations with confidence that joy cometh in the morning.