ConservativeGranny #3776

That is very interesting. I have to admit I never paid much attention to how this all worked except to make sure I voted. It’s a lot more complicated than one would expect. And I suspect it’s much more complicated than Donald Trump expected as well.

For all Trumps bragging about how he hires “the best people” he has been way behind on the organization and ground game that Ted Cruz has set up. Cruz has really impressed me with that and he has put in a lot of very hard work. And so has his supporters and staff.

Trump thought he could win this by tossing around what he thought was conservative talk and throwing red meat into the ring. He thought he could skate by on his celebrity alone and getting media attention by being bombastic and outrageous. Guess in the real world of bare-knuckled in-the-dirt political gamesmanship his plan may not turn out to be such a YUUGE success.