ConstitutionalConservative #3780

Mostlyhomebound, I can understand having regrets but time is running out if they are going to have regrets now is the time to realize it. All I can say is that for me I have no love for those who claim to be constitutional conservatives yet are so easily fooled and willing disregard all that is good for the restoration of our Republic.

I get it for those who are average Republican voters that really have no clue what has been and is being done to them by the establishment, those who pay no attention until they get attention during election cycles, yeah we can hug it out, they are just ignorant, but those who are of the FR variety and claim to be politically astute conservatives yet abandon all principles and values for some phony thrill of celebrity, no not so much.

At FR they are even defending his constantly changing positions on abortion how much lower can they go, we could very well lose our Republic because of their foolishness, yeah treason is a hanging offense not a hugging offense. Trump is no conservative not in slightest, if he wins it will be as bad if not worse than a Hillary win.

All that said it is really a moot point CRUZ will be the next President of The United States.