slhancock1948 #3815

Everyday, nor do I. However, we have to look at our populace…which I have to admit is being compromised by the unvaccinated coming over the borders at alarming rates. But, on the other hand, vaccines have changed over the years. They are now saying that the HepB vaccine does not prevent it, after all. So, why are we risking the bad side effects of these vaccines for a vaccination that doesn’t work?

At one time, with mothers passing on the immunity to their offspring, there was little reason for many of the vaccines, other than for those who were compromised and unable be helped by their mother’s immunity. Now things have changed. Most of these vaccines are not giving the immunity they are supposed to, honestly. I’m an RN. They have now found that giving the flu shot to the elderly does not help at all. I’m sure it helps some, but my Mother-in-law, who just turned 90 quit taking it because she always got the flu after it, and now she just stays home when she hears that a lot of people at church are sick. She’s done a lot better that way and not had the flu since she quit taking the shot.

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