ConstitutionalConservative #385

It is as it should be, Paul is not a bad guy I think him to be a good senator, but he would not be a good president, he is lacking in leadership skills as demonstrated by his inability to garner support of course his positions had something to do with it to.

Leadership is the key and Cruz is the only one with demonstrated leadership skills.

Rubio is not a leader he is in his current position because he beat out other Rino’s with a slick tongue bathed in deceit, so he has support of the GOPe and they see him as their last hope, as a result of that support he can stay in the race for awhile.

Trump is not a leader either he is a superstar a charismatic personality, an actor and entertainer with tons of money, he maybe a leader in business but management of an American constitutional government is not a business it is an ideology based on biblical principles whose core is freedom from total control of government with liberty and justice for all, it is overwhelmingly evident Trump does not understand that.

So with all that being said a consistent constitutional conservative who employs facts, common sense, reason, logic and leadership skills proven in fire and tested for strength like a sharp double edge sword will prevail, must prevail or all is lost.