Victoria #389

To all and slhancock1948:

slhancock1948, you said: “NH is not conservative, so Trump, Rubio should do well there.”

New Hampshire is known for citizen’s INDEPENDENCE. It takes guts to live in that state due to its cold/icy winters. Due to their individual independence, I don’t call them liberal. It’s true they are not a Bible belt, but they are independent thinkers and that translates into conservative in many ways and those could be Cruz voters.

Also, I heard the NH Cruz chairman yesterday say they have NH counties covered just like they had Iowa counties covered and I expected that as Cruz has 200,000 county workers distributed throughout US states. This means they didn’t just start working in NH but have been there for months working NH just as his workers are already working in all the states..

That NH Cruz chairman also said no other Republican candidate has a grass roots ground game in NH. That is a huge statement and gives Cruz an advantage over the other candidates.

I don’t know what the polls are for NH right now, except Trump is first but he was first in Iowa and that was inaccurate. Now, let’s see what the NH results are next week. Hopefully, Cruz will come in first, second, or third.