This list is phony. At the very least, although it has the AT&T logo on top, I’m reasonably sure it was not prepared by AT&T. For one thing, there is a typo on one of the columns (“cans” instead of “calls.”) For another, the list is convoluted and not professional looking. I doubt AT&T would format an itemized list of phone calls in this way. As stated above, where is the phone number for the incoming calls from Texas? The calls indicating Orlando, Maryland, DC and the toll free number — are those calls to those numbers made by the DC Madam or by the mystery person from Texas? None of those numbers belong to Ted Cruz. This list is a confusing mess.

Looks to me like someone prepared this list. then cut and pasted the header from one of the DC Madam’s phone bills to the top of this list. This list is supposed to be one of the alleged DC Madam documents in the possession of Attorney Sidley. Given that Sidley has been suspended or disbarred and has even served jail time, I would not be at all surprised if he forged this document. And anything else he may produce would also be suspect.

This reminds me of the forged military records for President Bush for which Dan Rather was busted. I would hope Sidley or whoever forged this document will spend some serious time in prison.