ConstitutionalConservative #512

Trump is the GREAT divider within the conservative movement as he never has been nor ever will be a conservative. He is performing his job as a divider well, the progressive liberal democrat/rino uni-party are proud and openly brag about him.

He can also be credited with bringing insanity to the conservative movement Sarah being the most recent example, it is now a good thing by her example for conservatives to disregard facts, common sense, reason and logic, okay to now stop clinging to God Guns and that silly Constitution and instead cling to and seek out the so-called leadership of another magic man who like obama employs good words and fair speeches to deceive the minds of the people, an illusionist who on the one hand says magic words while on the other hand attempts to pull a rabbit out of hat. A man who knows little of the founding documents that make up the fabric of our Constitutional Republic, a man who with narcissistic arrogance puts the accumulation of wealth and his own personal pride above all principles and values that are what truly make this nation great.

Yeah Sarah Palin is more than a disappointment she has become the embodiment of SHAME a rabid attack dog for an illusionist against the only man whose whole life has been dedicated to those same principles and values she claimed to embrace, she parades with the same arrogance as Trump against a man who has been proven and tested to stand against the enemies of our Republic, she is guilty of nothing less than treason against the conservative movement. I never thought, it never entered my mind the day would come I would write such words.

We must needs pray for Ted Cruz the forces of wickedness with all vileness are set with gnashing teeth against him, they are above, below and on every side as they always have been when a man determines to engage in a righteous endeavor as is the restoration of our Constitutional Republic.