slhancock1948 #516

Yes, I stand corrected, Rodamala! LOL! I guess that I was feeling embarrassed because I once thought she stood for conservative values, but a lot of us were fooled. I did notice over the years that her speeches became less full of red meat and more of cliches and zingers. They began to be sort of hollow. Looking back now, I failed to see that she was changing ever so slowly.

Now there is no reason to ever believe her again and should she run for office I’d not send a dime. She doesn’t even bother to get to the truth before she starts her rant. That is typical of the left. Just like Trump. She goes well with Trump when you think about it. Ted should not worry any longer about losing her support. It is probably going to be to his advantage.

And, as far as her Christian testimony, I’d say that it is in shreds right now. Not that it isn’t reparable, but if she doesn’t start apologizing and repenting, I’d say that it looks like she has left that path for worldly gain, a serious mistake. I pray that she comes to her senses again, as I hate to see anybody leave the “body of Christ” and take up with this world.

Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem