slhancock1948 #582

Yes, I was glad to see from the start of the Cruz campaign that many Paul supporters had been upset with Paul’s close ties with McConnell and some of the deals he made with him go over to join Cruz.

I am proud that Cruz has run a grassroots campaign, that he is sensitive to people’s concerns and gives everybody a fair shot when asking questions. Some, obviously just want to argue and don’t listen for an answer, just want to stir up trouble. But he listens all the way through the question, like few others do. They think they have the gist of the question and cut the questioner off, start on with their own answer. I think if more people saw Cruz in the town-hall settings they’d see that he is NOT the unelectable candidate everybody else is portraying him as. He is the real Reagan, but even more.

Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem