FinFlyer #699

Should the draft be reinstated and applied to women, I’ll bet the first chicks to scream when they get their draft notices will be the feminazis …

IMO, the first ones to “scream” should be every sensible red-blooded American male. An all-male military is what will WIN battles, and also, teens and young men need, deserve, and benefit from being in an all-male environment, especially boys/young men raised in fatherless homes.

Those females who insist being granted equal status with males in the military are not really women, they are silly little girls at heart. Real women RESPECT men enough to know when to leave them to themselves) in the military — navy ships and submarines, the army, the marines, etc. etc.

When females are the ranks of the military, the military then becomes like junior college for MEN and young men, and boys whom the military help turn into MEN. I am a woman, and I have had many female friends who’ve served on Navy ships, and it disgusts me when I tour a big carrier now and see these young men who NEED an all-male environment to mature, being robbed of it because of some PC vanity.