ConstitutionalConservative #713

Yes Sir…
There is already an abundance of evidence that obama is a traitor, a secret Grand Jury should be conducted then he should be handcuffed and perp walked down the WH steps and imprisoned until such time as he faces trial and remain imprisoned until that trial is complete. No need for Plea Bargaining the death penalty should be taken off the table only to capture and try all those in congress and elsewhere complicit in treason. Then all the guilty who are not sentenced to death should be shipped off to Gitmo for the rest of their miserable lives, although that place as it is now might really be too good for them, but they would no longer be on U.S. soil.

Not sure the above would pass constitutional muster but that’s what I think about it all, at the very least he should face impeachment, it is not too late as long as he is still in office, that argument is a canard.