ConstitutionalConservative #901

Thank you slhancock1948 this is a quite valuable resource, of course there are many more myths about Cruz that could be revealed like these two myths, he supports TPA and TPP.

TPA – is a mechanism for the President to Fast Track trade deals it doesn’t mean he can implement any deal he makes, whatever deal he wants to make it still has to be approved by congress it just means the deal will be Fast Tracked through congress in other words congress would have to bring the deal up to the top of their agenda, no delays. TPA has been around for 70 years every president has had it since. When the Bill came up again this time it had references to amnesty and the EX IM Bank, McConnell assured everyone they would be allowed to subject the Bill to the Amendment process where Cruz wanted to strip those things from the Bill, McConnell lied and the Bill went forward as is, Cruz voted against it. (that’s the short of TPA, there is much more complexities and details to it)

TPP – everyone has heard it said Cruz is for this Bill in fact it has been repeated many times that he voted for it, no one as yet has voted for TPP it has been in committee for years and was just recently released for 60 day review, I don’t know off the top of my head when the Bill will be brought forward but we are very close to the end of 60 days. The Bill is thousands of pages Cruz will vote against it, the Bill is a bad deal, but be assured the republicans will pass it as they give obama everything he wants. (that is short of TPP, there is much more complexities and details to it as well)

The congress is suppose to weigh the constitutionality of Bills to ensure they will withstand challenge in SCOTUS (another corrupt branch, don’t get me started on how they are complicit in all the corruption) but they have put in place Senate, House and Committee rules that give them the mechanism to bypass the constitution, you see it is the process that has been so corrupted by corrupt congressman that Bills that are unconstitutional easily get passed. They deliberately write Bills so convoluted with so many extraneous details that confound and confuse the issue nobody really knows what’s in them when in reality almost every Bill need not be more than 3 or 4 pages at the most (I have heard Cruz say this), the corruption lay squarely within the process.

Cruz understand all this so well he will use his power as president (the bully pulpit) to appeal to the people to fix the corruption, like Reagan Cruz knows it is people who have the real power they just need to be educated to that fact.