ConstitutionalConservative #953

Trump who claims to be the most anti-PC candidate would not sign the pledge, fighting against PC is what this pledge is about. When it comes to PC like so many other issues Trump was for it before against it, and against it before he was for it, and against again before he was for it again, on and on it goes where he stops nobody knows.

When it comes to all the issues where Trump will eventually land is at best a 50/50 (subject to varied adjustment) proposition, one thing we know for sure he has not walked his current talk, as the progressive liberals say ultimately he is acceptable to them because he is so mailable. There is an overwhelming abundance of evidence to attest to Trump’s malleability.

There was a time when I thought and said frequently that even though I would not support Trump he was the best thing that could have happen to this race because he brought attention and enthusiasm to some of the most pressing issues. I have long since concluded that he is the absolute worst thing that could have happened for so many obvious reasons.