2016 GOP Endorsements: Quality v Quantity

Source: Conservative Review | February 24, 2016 | Chris Pandolfo


Conservative Review has taken a look at the Liberty Score® of each member of Congress to find out which candidate conservative lawmakers are rallying behind, and which candidate the Establishment has anointed as their chosen champion of the status quo.

A look at the below tables shows that members of Congress who are most conservative are endorsing Ted Cruz for president.

The average Liberty Score® of Cruz’s backers is 83 percent, a “B”:


Senator Rubio has the most endorsements, but the average Liberty Score® of his supporters is 54 percent, an “F”.
Governor John Kasich has few endorsements, mostly from Ohio politicians. The average Liberty Score® of Kasich’s supporters is 46 percent, an “F”.
Since Donald Trump has only been endorsed by two members of Congress, we took a look at the Liberty Scores® of candidates he has supported financially in the past. The average Liberty Score® of the candidates Trump has supported and the two representatives supporting Trump is 56 percent, an “F”.
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  • Consistent #1568
    slhancock1948 #1575

    Thanks, Consistent! It’s always good to see more details, and see whom the most important endorsements go to!

    So many have said that Ted Cruz has no friends in Congress, but I differ. When the 100 House members asked some senators for help in defeating the Gang of 8 Bill, Cruz was the ONLY one who went over! DO people think that these guys do not like or respect Cruz? I remember John Boehner’s comment about him was disgusting, but I think that there are many who are VERY appreciative of Cruz’s help! In fact some of these guys HAVE endorsed him!

    And, we need to remember that this is not just a battle for the nomination, but the spiritual aspect is even greater than the apparent physical one. We must remember that. I think this is what keeps Cruz positive. We should stay positive, putting on the full armor of God, and then stand against our collective Enemy! He cannot win when we take that stand daily.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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