3 in 10 Republicans believe Trump will be reinstated as president: poll

Source: The Hill | June 9, 2021 | Dominick Mastrangelo

Approximately 3 in 10 Republicans say in a new poll they believe former President Trump will be reinstated this year.

The Politico-Morning Consult Poll published on Wednesday found the vast majority of Americans dismiss the idea that Trump will be reinstated as president, including 61 percent of Republicans. Twenty-nine percent of GOP respondents, however, said they believe Trump will be made president again. 

More than 8 in 10 Democrats — 84 percent — and 70 percent of independents also dismiss the notion that Trump will be made president after it is proven President Biden cheated in the election. 


Polling shows a solid majority of GOP voters still supportive of Trump and his policies, with a significant amount of Republican voters hopeful he will run for president again in 2024. 


The new Politico-Morning Consult Poll also found 59 percent of Republican voters polled said they wish to see Trump play a major role in the party going forward. 

In another key finding, 77 of all respondents said that they believe America’s democracy is being threatened, including 82 percent of Republicans and 77 percent of Democrats.

Morning Consult noted that just 4 in 10 Republicans said they had at least “some” confidence in the electoral system.


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