5 things I learned about our post-conservative America

Source: Conservative Review | January 3, 2017 | Steve Deace

The first thing I learned during my perennial holiday getaway is that nothing better captures the challenges awaiting conservatism than this article.

I think the column deserves the attention and consideration of everyone reading this, so read it for yourselves, and draw your own conclusions.

But with that said, I do have five additional thoughts I would like to share:

1. There is no conservatism now, and who knows how long it has been since there ever really was.


Yet there is no objective framework to what we’re supposedly conserving. Merely opposition to infringements upon the Overton Window established by the Left. And then, once they cajole that window open a little wider, that opposition ceases and moves on to their next infringement as the previous one is considered our new normal.

2. This is strangely why there is some legitimate cause for (real) conservative optimism with Trump.


Oh, make no mistake, there will be no swamp drainage, and in my next column I’ll point out that for all Trump’s bluster, America essentially elected “high-energy” Jeb. However, if there is no such thing as an objective ideology called “conservativism” anymore, it may not always be a bad thing to have your proxy unmotivated by ideology himself.

3. The only real philosophy advancing any objective framework in America is progressivism.

That’s pretty much been the case for a century now. That includes Christianity, which doesn’t even know what its objective framework is.


4. This also explains why binary-choice thinking, which Christianity has traditionally challenged in various world systems, is now so deeply embedded within Christianity itself.

We no longer see ourselves as individuals with relationships to our God or even our government, but groups of various vested interests united in opposition to one another. Thus, when something good or bad happens to one of the group it happens to us all, whether it was deserved or not.


5. One by one they will all fall, like toy soldiers.

Every single one of our conservative heroes will bow the knee to Trumpism, whatever it turns out to be. None will be left standing. So just prepare yourself to be disappointed now and realize this is what it is.


This is the sordid nature of political parties and what they eventually do to the soul, unless you’re ornery enough to go through life without a lot of friends.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t desire to follow in the footsteps of John the Baptist and prefer recognition, acceptance, and validation from our peers/era instead. Trump will continue to successfully feast on this inconvenient truth of the human condition, and by the end of 2017 the entire GOP will be made over in his image. The only thing we don’t know is exactly what that image will be.

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