5 Ways In Which Trump Supporters Are Like Cult Followers

Source: RedState | May 9, 2016 | Jay Caruso


1. Donald Trump can do no wrong – There is an excuse for him for everything. Everything. No matter what he says. No matter how outrageous it is, he can do no wrong. Ever. Take a step back to when Greg Gutfeld called out Eric Bolling after Donald Trump used the word “schlonged” to say what happened to Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama in 2008. Trump defenders say the term had nothing to do with the male anatomy and Bolling tried to defend it:

2. Trump supporters don’t care about his flip-flops and inconsistencies – They simply do not care. Trump said he advocated for a ban on all Muslims coming into the country. They he changed his view and said a total ban wasn’t needed. We just needed to be more careful. He then lied saying he never said he supported a total ban. When confronted with this obvious flip-flop and then lying about it, a Trump supporter said to be directly, “So what?” He didn’t care. Trump wasn’t an “insider” and “he had to do things” in order to stay ahead of everybody else. It’s amazing how they could support Trump when they claim the reason they support him his because they’re tired of politicians lying to them.

3. Trump is supported by supposed “constitutional conservatives” but ignore his liberal policies – A good number of Trump supporters are Tea Party cranks who see any kind of incremental win as total capitulation to Obama and his leftist agenda. They are running around right now freaking out over Paul Ryan who has refused to say he’ll back Trump at this point. What are Trump supporters doing? Attacking Ryan as a “leftist establishment” who needs to be thrown out of office. Meanwhile, Trump is telling people he thinks Ryan’s agenda isn’t welcome by him because he’s in the Republican Party not the “conservative party.” Meanwhile, Donald Trump refuses to do anything about Medicare or Social Security. He’s open to raising the minimum wage, raising taxes, trade protectionism and single payer healthcare. But Paul Ryan is the liberal. 

4. People react to Trump like high school girls did with The Beatles. While it may be understandable for teenage girls to have gone wild over the mop-tops from Liverpool, watching grown women freak out over the Duck Tail from Queens is somewhat embarrassing. Look at these photos:


Cult Members


5. The Trump “hero worship” art is the most obvious sign we’re dealing with a cult-like figure. This is something seen all the time. A cult figure is often photoshopped into classic images or even modern day art with historical figures. Here are some:


The final one takes the cake. Here is Trump, standing in the middle of a PARTED SEA with adoring fans, flags and US fighter jets all in the same image.

Cult's Picture


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  • Consistent #5938

    rodamala #5969

    Right… just like teenaged Beatles fans. Sure.

    Consistent #5977

    Victoria #5978

    Okay, the water parting for Trump did it. God parted the sea for the Israel and putting Trump doing that is sacrilegious.

    On another site which shall not be mentioned, I called the Trump supporters, the Trumpcult, and got hammered by two of the Trumpcult. I used “cult” because that is what they are and I knew it then. Also, when I wrote “Trumpcult” several times, I knew I was going to be leaving that forum or get thrown off.

    After Cruz left, the Trumpcult got worse – they now had a god who was going to actually be their god, and their worship includes their god can do nothing wrong no matter what he says or does. If you remember the story of the king who had no clothes, his people were so enthralled with him they could not see he was naked. I know the thought of a naked Trump has shaken you to your core. Nevertheless, his people see him as perfect just as the naked king’s people saw him as perfect.

    Well, I’m not voting for a naked king.

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