50-50 Chance Tom Coburn, Ben Sasse or Mitt Romney Launch Independent….

Source: RedState | May 18, 2016 | Jay Caruso

50-50 Chance Tom Coburn, Ben Sasse or Mitt Romney Launch Independent Presidential Bid

Let’s be honest about any kind of third party or independent Presidential run: It’s to play spoiler and not for any real chance of winning outright. Although the climate is ripe for it and hasn’t been this way since 1992, it’s still a super long shot.

The best thing any independent candidate can hope to do is perhaps win several states that could potentially throw the election to the House of Representatives. While that seems unlikely, who knows what can happen in this crazy election cycle? The Politico Playbook is saying the following:

Members of the conservative intelligentsia aching for a Republican to run independent against Trump have concluded that there is “a difficult but viable path” for an independent, based largely on the unusual unpopularity of the two nominees.

A well-known conservative told us the final three possibilities are Sen. Ben Sasse, age 44, of Nebraska; former Sen. Tom Coburn, 68, of Oklahoma; and Mitt Romney, 69.

This conservative told us to expect renewed buzz around this possibility over the next week, and sees “a 50-50 chance that one of the three will do it.”

As much as Ben Sasse has been vocal in his opposition to the Trump candidacy, he risks nuking his career as a Republican by launching an independent bid for President. I see him more working the inside game and being the GOP face of the #NeverTrump movement.

People love Mitt Romney but conservatives are still wary of him. For Romney, there would be some strong ideological opposition to him running and he likely would not garner enough support to the spoiler in any states.

Tom Coburn on the other hand, would be the one who could really throw a wrench into Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations. Coburn, an easy going fiscal and social conservative has been a favorite of both the establishment and the conservative grassroots his entire time in Congress. Coburn year to year released what he called ‘The Wastebook’ showing just how much money was being spent by Congress on total garbage.



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  • Consistent #6299

    Consistent #6303

    Red State floating three potential names for a third party candidacy. Here’s my take on each of them:

    1. Tom Coburn: Was known as a solid full-spectrum conservative vote during his time in the Senate. However, he wasn’t a fan of how Cruz and other conservative insurgents bucked the system, either. Nevertheless, given his record and reputation, I would absolutely be on board if it’s him.

    2. Ben Sasse: The new hotness, Sasse has a great liberty score so far but I don’t recall him taking the lead on too many fights so far in the Senate. Unlike, Cruz, Rand, and Lee — who started picking fights from the moment they arrived. I wouldn’t immediately be in because I don’t know him, but I could definitely be convinced.

    3. Mitt Romney: While he’s the least exciting option for conservatives by far, an argument could be made he has the best chance to hold Hillary and her donor under 270 in the electoral college because of his name I.D. My feelings on Romney are well-known, so I would take a lot of convincing to get on board with that.

    Oh, and I don’t care about any spoiler potential here. Because this election was already spoiled the moment our corrupt two-party duopoly selected Hillary and her donor as their corrupt standard-bearers.

    CA Surveyor #6324

    Coburn is 100% fake!

    He assisted in the cover-up of the facts uncovered by general Partin regarding the Murah building.

    He is the Gerald Ford of our time.

    ConservativeGranny #6334

    How many times do we have to reject Romney before they get it?

    EVERYDAY #6337

    A third party run has little to no chance of success for the 2016 election at this late date. However, it might he a good idea to plan for a third party run in 2020, but the plans should be started NOW. We know now that the Republican Party will never nominate a true conservative, so we can’t afford to wait for the nomination of another unsavory candidate in 2020. There has to be a real split from the Republican Party.

    Heard that Coburn is not a real conservative, know very little about Sasse, and Romney? PUHLEEEEEEEEZ!

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