A Cruz Supporter Shares a Side of Heidi Cruz You’ve Never Seen After Trump’s…

Source: Independent Journal | March 25, 2015 | Maegan Vazquez

 A Cruz Supporter Shares a Side of Heidi Cruz You’ve Never Seen After Trump’s Attacks on Her Looks

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Like Donald Trump admitted recently, an image is worth a thousand words.

Earlier this week, Trump attempted to call out Cruz for distributing a nude image of Melania Trump across Utah before primary elections. He also threatened to “spill the beans” on his wife, Heidi Cruz:

However, the image of Melania Trump, the Cruz campaign refuted, was distributed by an unaffiliated super PAC. Despite the correction from Cruz, Trump didn’t let up. He retweeted this image of the two mothers:

Since then, Trump supporters have been kicking up dust around Heidi Cruz, alleging that the ‘beans’ to be spilt stem from her publicly-acknowledged bout with depression.

After Thursday’s tweet, Zachary Zupan, the Vermont State Director for Millennials for Cruz, decided to post a photo he took of Heidi Cruz on Facebook, along with his story:


Zupan decided to support Cruz three days after his candidacy announcement. While he’s now in Vermont, he also worked in New Hampshire going “door-to-door early in the morning until it got dark, then back to headquarters to make phone calls until 9PM.”

He told Independent Journal Review exactly when he met Heidi Cruz:

he was just coming to a little Subway shop and standing up giving an encouraging, informative speech to me and 20 other volunteers. She tried to engage other people, strangers, who walked by in the restaurant: everyone mattered to her. Then I got the opportunity to head to a neighborhood in Manchester and walk door to door with Heidi and three other young people, campaigning for Ted as I had been and continued to.”

Here’s the group, coats and all:


Zupan described the day of canvassing:

“I was shocked that a candidate’s wife would do work like that (no cameras, no entourage) and some of those we met may have found it just as surreal … She was a model for us to emulate the rest of our time on the trail. And all this time, in between doors, she was talking to us, the volunteers. Asking us about our lives, our plans for college.”

He saw Trump’s comments as the perfect timing to share the photo:

“It made me sick that a man who wants to be my President would be so vile to an innocent woman, one whose quiet virtue I had observed firsthand, and that he expects to get away with it.

“I wanted everyone to know the kind of person he was mocking. So I shared what I knew about her, what I’d experienced. And it resonated with people: not because of me, but because of Heidi, because of who she is.”

He added:

“All I did was speak truthfully about her.”

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