A Request for Prayer Support, if You Don't Mind

Source: | 11 September, 2016 | Vanity

I work in a prison in Florida, in Suwannee County.  I am asking that we adopt this prison and pray over it.  The Lord opened an opportunity for me to share the gospel with a young prisoner. It was obvious the Lord set up the encounter.  I think there are others that need to hear the gospel, but only the Lord knows those with fertile hearts. I ask that you pray that God opens the opportunity with those who have ears to hear, and even if they do not respond “today”, that the seed of the gospel that is planted takes root over time and that others come along to nourish to and feed it. God told me to work in the prison system. I have talked to many colleagues over time, but most are not interested or think that they have what they need already. Maybe I will have a chance to share further at other times. But this was my first time with a prisoner. normally the officer does not leave me alone with the prisoner, which makes it easier to be honest and frank. I’d like more opportunities. I am praying for your support and for the opportunities to come my way.  Please help me to make a difference in their lives by being “Christ” to them.



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