A sinkhole larger than a football field has appeared in Mexico — and it's still growing

Source: The Hill | June 10, 2021 | Joseph Guzman

A home is collapsing into the giant hole.

A huge sinkhole that emerged on farmland in Central Mexico is continuing to grow in size and is swallowing a brick and cinder block home.

The sinkhole first appeared in the town of Santa María Zacatepec in Mexico’s Puebla State, east of Mexico City, last month and has continued to expand. 

The Associated Press reports the large hole is more than 400 feet across, larger than a football field, and a home located on the land is beginning to collapse into it. 

The family that lives in the home has been evacuated. 


The sinkhole measured about 16 feet in diameter when it first appeared then quickly grew over the course of hours, and then days. The Associated Press reports the edge of the hole is about 50 feet deep and the bottom is filled with water that appears to have strong currents. 

While some residents said the sinkhole may be a consequence of excessive groundwater use by factories in the area, officials said it could have been caused by an underground river. 

Authorities have advised people to stay away from the area and have secured the land with soldiers. 

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