A Third Party Already Exists in America, and Trump is Leading It

Source: Red State | April 22nd, 2016 | Leon H. Wolf

Many a conservative pundit and elected Republican official has expressed befuddlement at Trump’s success at winning over Republican party voters, in spite of not really standing for many conservative or Republican principles.

What these people miss is that the reason Donald Trump is winning is that a latent third party has long existed in America, and Donald Trump has successfully consolidated it. His next step, which he will attempt in July, is to hijack the existing infrastructure and ballot access of the Republican party and house this third party inside it.

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  • Woodcutter #5139

    This is a very interesting and astute article. Trump has never been running to be the conservative party’s nominee. He was running to hijack the GOP machinery and party apparatus for his own purposes.

    Victoria #5148

    Trump never really “joins” anything – he pretends to join, then destroys what’s there and it becomes him. If he wins, the party becomes Trump Party and he will enforce that with his money/lawyers. He will sue or blackmail others to stand down and he becomes King – he is always the King or he won’t play. He has been that way all his life. Did you physically attack your teacher in the third grade? He did. Did your parents have to send you off to private military school at age thirteen to try to correct your behavior? His did.

    CA Surveyor #5152

    Wood cutter, he has the entire media apparatus at his beck and command in this evil quest.

    There are few with clear vision of what is happening. Most of them appear to be here on this forum.

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