A Third Party if Necessary

Source: The Resurgent | March 16, 2016 | Erick Erickson

Before the first Super Tuesday, I wrote that I would never support Donald Trump. I stand by that. The exit polling last night bears out that 40 percent of Republicans would go elsewhere if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. That burden is not on me or other voters. It is on Donald Trump and his supporters. They are convinced that Republicans will flock to Trump just as they are convinced that Trump will beat Hillary Clinton. All evidence points to Trump being unable to consolidate the GOP and unable to beat Hillary Clinton.

A Trump nomination will fracture the Republican Party. It will require a third party if only to give people an option in November so that they might still turn out and vote for down ballot races instead of staying home.

There are numerous people complaining today that a third party will give us Hillary Clinton. Actually, a Donald Trump nomination gives us Hillary Clinton, but a viable third party might at lease mitigate Trump’s damage down the ballot.

Donald Trump signed an oath to support the Republican nominee. I took no such oath.

I will not support Donald Trump. Ever.


The time to prepare a third party alternative has to begin now, even though we would prefer to stop Trump within the Republican primary process.

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    I will NOT under any circumstances vote for Trump, the charlatan. If Ted Cruz does not run third party, I will still write his name in.

    Trump supporters believe they have enough “broad support” from Republicans, Democrats and independents to get Trump elected. Well, I hate to tell them they will not get “broad support” from true conservatives. And I believe there are enough of us to ensure that Trump won’t win, which means Hillary wins. Trump supporters say they don’t want another Democrat in the White House, but that is exactly what they will get if they try to force that snake oil salesman on us.

    slhancock1948 #2703

    I know! Even Mark Levin was saying we’d have to support Trump, but I pray he changes his mind join that. That would be asking us one more time to hold our nose and vote against our conscience, only this time it would be a candidate worse than Romney. Fool me once, against you, fool me twice, that’s me, fool me a 3rd time is NOT going to happen.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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