After Tuesday Night’s Trumpnado, Does Cruz Still Stand a Chance?

Source: PolitiChicks | 28 Apr 16 | Sonya Sasser

No doubt, Tuesday was a YUGE night for Donald J. Trump. As predicted, he swept the five Northeastern states of Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. That should put him in the neighborhood of 945 to 960 delegates in the pursuit of 1,237.

However, things are not looking quite as rosy for Mr. Trump as the GOP race moves into the month of May.

The Resurgent claims:

“He’s not going to win Indiana. Trust me on this one. Internals matter, public polling (as we have witnessed over and over again since January) does not.

If Trump wins 9 delegates in Indiana, that’s a good day for him. Sure, he might win a majority of the delegates out of West Virginia on May 10th to get in the neighborhood of 960 delegates. Then what? Nebraska? Forget about it.

Those 36 all go to Cruz. Oregon? Yes, I am fully aware of the Cruz-Kasich detente regarding Oregon, but the majority of the delegates there are not going to Trump. The same in Washington State where most of its 44 delegates go to Cruz.

Montana and South Dakota? Cruz country. Trump will not win one of the 56 delegates from those two states combined.

New Mexico? Proportional and the latest poll had Trump up 2 points over Cruz with Kasich trailing badly. The game there is still afoot.

 New Jersey-Trump will take all 51 (and no one will care).

And then the finale in California with 172 delegates. At this stage of the game, Trump likely be at or just past 1,050 delegates. Does 1,050 plus 172 get him to 1,237? No. Will he win 172 delegates in California? No.”

The Republican battle looks like it will continue and most likely won’t end in May either, when the voters of Indiana, Oregon, and Washington also cast their ballots.

In fact, the bloody 2016 fight will probably carry on until the polls close in California on June 7. Then we will finally know for certain if Senator Cruz was able to stop Donald J. Trump, and whether or not we are headed into a contested convention. Unlike most GOP primaries, this race is most certain to go the long haul. And the longer it continues, the better it looks for Senator Cruz, even in California.


Choosing Carly Fiorina as his running mate will also likely help bolster Cruz’s numbers in the Golden State.

Bottom line:  While Donald Trump (and the mainstream media) is already referring to himself as the “presumptive nominee,” this GOP brawl is far from over, and he hasn’t quite yet earned the title.


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  • ConstitutionalConservative #5379

    Yeah… It’s like watching a Rocky movie it appears to some Cruz is getting beat and we know how that turned out. Cruz is at his best when on the ropes and everyone is waiting for the knockout.

    LION TED has a fighters heart!

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