AG: Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, broke state and federal law

Source: Politico | August 3, 2021 | Anna Gronewold and Shannon Young

The findings are certain to revive calls for the governor’s resignation.

ALBANY, N.Y. — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed nearly a dozen women, including current and former aides, touching some without their consent and leaving many fearful of retaliation, according to a devastating new report from state Attorney General Tish James.

The report, which concludes the three-term Democratic governor violated federal and state laws, sends Cuomo’s political future further into chaos and raises anew the prospect that he could be forced from office in coming months.

James and the two attorneys she directed to lead a more than four-month investigation — Joon Kim and Anne Clark — announced on Tuesday that Cuomo’s actions constituted a toxic culture of harassment and fear, a culture described in painstaking detail in a 168-page report. The investigation corroborates accusations that had led President Joe Biden to say the governor should step aside if the claims were found to be true.

“All of them experienced harassing conduct from the governor,” Kim said Tuesday. “Some suffered through unwanted touching and grabbing of their most intimate body parts. Others suffered through repeated offensive, sexually suggestive, or gender-based comments. A number of them endured both. None of them welcomed it, and all of them found it disturbing, humiliating, uncomfortable and inappropriate. And now we find that it was unlawful sex-based harassment.”

James said the release of the report marked the end of her office’s involvement and said it would be up to prosecutors and the state Legislature to pursue criminal or political consequences for the governor’s actions. The Assembly has already launched an impeachment inquiry, and police in Albany are said to be investigating an allegation that Cuomo groped the breast of an aide.


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