Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions Endorses Trump: "It Is Time To Make America Great…

Source: Real Clear Politics | February 28, 2016 | Ian Schwartz

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) endorsed Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Huntsville Sunday evening. Sessions ensured a “Gang of Eight” type of immigration reform bill would not will be passed in a Donald Trump presidency.


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  • Consistent #1744

    Another one on the list of betrayers of Conservatives.

    It was expected. He praised Trump on the Mark Levin Show because Trump mentioned his friend Pryor to be SCOTUS.

    EVERYDAY #1748

    I duplicated you with the Breitbart story. Can my duplicate be deleted?

    Victoria #1751

    Sad to see Sessions endorse him.

    Consistent #1752

    It’s O.K. They are from different sources.

    It’s sad! The priority of these people is not the Constitution of the United States nor morality.

    Consistent #1757

    silver pines #1758

    This is for real!?

    Hey, Sessions, America has been great since the days of its founding, and Jesus Christ is the reason for it—-Donald Trump has nothing to do with it.

    All we need to do is make it Constitutional again. Cruz will, Trump, won’t.

    slhancock1948 #1760

    Yes, his friend David Pryor, the same guy who prosecuted Judge Roy Moore for his refusal to remove the 10 Commandments? I figured Sessions would do this, but I want to remind people that before Ted arrived in the Senate, Session’s conservative bonafides had been tanking. After Ted arrived and got several senators together to make a coalition of conservatives, then Sessions started taking on a more conservative stand, which is good, but he clearly has some issues that are not very conservative yet. I like Jeff Sessions, don’t get me wrong, but he’s not the most, or even one of the most, conservative senators. He’s strong on a couple issues. Cruz, Mike Lee and a couple others are strong across a much wider span of issues.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Consistent #1761

    Consistent #1763

    Consistent #1766

    Consistent #1767

    silver pines #1768

    Slhancock, thanks for the explanation.

    Seems that hanging around Ted Cruz leads to good things while being near Trump is a route to moral deterioration.

    silver pines #1769

    Consistent, it’s incredible the way this primary season has revealed the true character—or lack of it—of so MANY people.

    “Jim Robinson to DoughtyOne
    I tried to warn Cruz that he was blowing it, but did he listen? Yeah—to Beck. Big mistake.”

    LOL, yeah, because Ted Cruz would take advice from some liberal guy who runs a message board.

    silver pines #1771

    Don’t know how to copy a tweet image, but…

    Erick Erickson Retweeted

    Shoshana Weissmann ‏@senatorshoshana 2h2 hours ago

    Amazing that @jeffsessions endorses @realDonaldTrump AFTER the David Duke stuff. That’s important.

    silver pines #1772

    Steve Deace Retweeted

    Amanda Carpenter ‏@amandacarpenter 20m20 minutes ago

    I don’t want to sound too dramatic, but this Donald Trump thing is like Chapter 1 of a Left Behind book I once read. (A joke. I think.)

    I said it on another thread….someone got led into the Nicolae Carpathia room of persuasion.

    Consistent #1773

    Consistent #1774

    EVERYDAY #1776

    I’d like to know what Jeff Sessions’ “30 pieces of silver” are going to be? Has to be something big — the VP slot, a cabinet post perhaps — to secure Sessions’ endorsement.

    Also wondering if Trump promised the same “compensation” to Palin and the other traitors. I don’t think Trump can have more than one running mate. 🙂

    Victoria #1777

    Trump has promised Palin, Energy Secretary. She said so and he said so.

    Christy will be Attorney General.

    Read he has talked to Newt Gingrich about Administrative Assistant, can’t remember the exact name of that position. Would be his right hand man.

    If Trump was smart, he would have Kasich as Vice President as Kasich knows exactly how that place works to bring about a balanced budget.

    silver pines #1778

    Consistent, thanks. 😉

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