An Appeal to Our Fellow Catholics (#NeverTrump)

Source: National Review | March 7, 2016 | Robert P. George & George Weigel

And to all men and women of good will.

…. There have been frustrations along the way, to be sure; no political party perfectly embodies Catholic social doctrine. But there have also been successes, and at the beginning of the current presidential electoral cycle, it seemed possible that further progress in defending and advancing these noble causes was possible through the instrument of the Republican party.

That possibility is now in grave danger. And so are those causes.

Donald Trump is manifestly unfit to be president of the United States. His campaign has already driven our politics down to new levels of vulgarity. His appeals to racial and ethnic fears and prejudice are offensive to any genuinely Catholic sensibility. He promised to order U.S. military personnel to torture terrorist suspects and to kill terrorists’ families — actions condemned by the Church and policies that would bring shame upon our country. And there is nothing in his campaign or his previous record that gives us grounds for confidence that he genuinely shares our commitments to the right to life, to religious freedom and the rights of conscience, to rebuilding the marriage culture, or to subsidiarity and the principle of limited constitutional government.


Mr. Trump’s record and his campaign show us no promise of greatness; they promise only the further degradation of our politics and our culture. We urge our fellow Catholics and all our fellow citizens to reject his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination by supporting a genuinely reformist candidate.


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    “…by supporting a genuinely reformist candidate.”

    The article does not name an acceptable candidate. Why is that? I am a Catholic and know Cruz is a Christian, a Southern Baptist. He has defended freedom of religion in the Supreme Court and won. The Ten Commandments still stand on our Texas Capitol grounds because he took it to the Supreme Court and won.
    The big cross representing our military who gave their lives still stands in a western state because he took it to the Supreme Court and won.

    If Catholics can write such an article above, they should have the courage to promote the candidacy of Ted Cruz. Rubio is a Catholic but he has done nothing to show us his commitment to religious freedom. Vote Cruz.

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