Are You Sure it is Cruz, Not Rubio, Who Must Drop Out?

Source: The Resurgent | February 24, 2016 | Erick Erickson

Don’t look now, but Cruz is ahead of Rubio in Texas, California, and Rubio’s home state of Florida.

Sure that can change, but here’s the thing — much of the conventional wisdom that Cruz needs to drop out so Rubio can win is formed more by an animus to Cruz than a dispassionate analysis of the race.

While I have had a lot of conversations with Cruz supporters in Georgia willing to jump to Rubio to stop Trump due to polling suggesting Rubio has edged ahead of Cruz, the reality is that a significant portion of Cruz’s support nationwide would go to Trump if Cruz gets out.

Some polls have that number at about 40 percent going to Trump. That’s pretty significant. In states like Rubio’s home state of Florida that is going to keep Rubio from winning. In states like Texas, California, and even Georgia that solidifies Trump’s lead.

To be fair, if Rubio bails, a lot of his support goes to Kasich. But more Rubio supporters would go to Cruz.


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    Rubio has been a politician all his life. He has no where else to go.

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