Assassin of Robert F. Kennedy granted parole

Source: The Hill | August 27, 2021 | Caroline Vakil

The assassin of Robert F. Kennedy on Friday was granted parole by a two-person panel, a major win for the 77-year-old man who received the support of two of the former senator’s sons, The Associated Press reported.

It is the 16th time that Sirhan Sirhan has attempted to receive parole after killing the former New York senator and Democrat presidential hopeful in 1968. Kennedy had just finished giving a speech after an important primary win in California when he was fatally shot at Los Angeles’ Ambassador Hotel. 

One of the senator’s sons, Douglas Kennedy, signaled that he favored his father’s assassin receiving parole during a proceeding held on Friday, the AP noted.

“I’m overwhelmed just by being able to view Mr. Sirhan face to face,” Douglas Kennedy said, according to the wire service. “I think I’ve lived my life both in fear of him and his name in one way or another. And I am grateful today to see him as a human being worthy of compassion and love.”

Another son, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has also signaled that he supports parole for Sirhan.

“As you may know, I have been a strong advocate for the release of Mr. Sirhan B. Sirhan since I learned of evidence that was not presented to the court during his trial,” Kennedy Jr. wrote to the parole board, according to The Washington Post.

However, the ruling does not mean that Sirhan will necessarily be released just yet as the staff of the California Parole Board must review the panel’s decision over the next 90 days, according to the AP. Following the review, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) will have the chance to decide if the parole will be granted or not. 


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    I have mixed feelings. Part of me says he should rot in prion. But I’m also thinking if he is released, would he be a threat? He is an old man now. Is he harmless? Other reports said he could be sent to Jordan. If that happens, he would be that country’s problem then, not ours.

    Of course, there is the possibility that wherever he ends up and despite his age, he could help terrorists against the USS. I just don’t know.

    But it’s not up to us. There are still steps to be undertaken before the parole recommendation ends up on the governor’s desk. I just hope if he is released, someone will be keeping an eye on him.

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