Australia wildfire smoke will make 'full circuit' around world, NASA says

Source: The Hill | January 14, 2020 | Zack Budryk

Smoke from the bushfires ravaging Australia will encircle the entire globe, NASA said Tuesday.

“The smoke is expected to make at least one full circuit around the globe, returning once again to the skies over Australia,” Colin Seftor and Rob Gutro of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center wrote. The smoke had traveled halfway around the planet, reaching South America, as of Jan. 8, according to NASA.

The size of the fires, as well as the historic dryness that contributed, have led to other phenomena such as so-called pyrocumulonimbus events, or fire-induced thunderstorms, which occur when rising clouds of smoke and ash cool create thunderstorm-like symptoms but with no rain, according to CBS.


The fires are believed to have killed around one billion animals, with at least 25 people being killed during the bushfire season, according to estimates.

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