Barnette blames Sean Hannity for loss in Pennsylvania

Source: The Hill | May 18, 2022 | Lexi Lonas

Failed GOP Pennsylvania Senate candidate Kathy Barnette took to Twitter to blame Fox News host Sean Hannity for her primary election loss.

“Never forget what Sean Hannity did in this race,” she said in a video posted on Twitter Wednesday. “Almost single handedly Sean Hannity sowed deep seeds of disinformation, flat out lies every night for the past five days and that was just extremely hard to overcome.”

Her comment comes after Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz said Tuesday Hannity has been giving him advice “behind the scenes.”

“I want to thank Sean Hannity. Sean has been like a brother to me. When Sean punches through something, he really punches through it. He understands exactly how to make a difference and he’s been doing that this entire campaign,” Oz said.

Oz and former hedge fund manager David McCormick are still in a battle for the GOP Senate nomination as the vote was too close to call on Tuesday night. 

Barnette declared she would not support Oz or McCormick in the general election, saying she had “no intentions of support[ing] globalists” before the election began Tuesday,


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