Ben Carson To Skip NH Primary Party; Will Meet With Cruz On Thursday

Source: Conservative Review | February 9, 2016 | Chris Pandolfo

Dr. Ben Carson will not be attending his own primary night party at the Carson HQ in New Hampshire tonight.

The retired neurosurgeon will instead be flying to South Carolina this afternoon, Politico reports. There, he will be meeting with fellow GOP presidential contender Sen. Ted Cruz on Thursday. The two men will reportedly discuss the Cruz campaign’s tactics during the Iowa Caucuses, where the Cruz campaign told voters of rumors Dr. Carson was dropping out after the caucuses. Cruz personally apologized to Carson at the debate last Saturday.

Dr. Carson made clear that regardless of the results of the New Hampshire primary, he will not be dropping out just yet.


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    rodamala #749

    Word is he forgot to pack his socks and underwear after heading home from Iowa. /s

    ConstitutionalConservative #752

    Well this is an interesting turn of events, it seems obvious Carson called for the meeting but with him you never know. If he drops out and endorses Cruz that would be the best possible scenario for both candidates; I think… on the other hand he might want to attack Cruz with hammer and stab him in the belt buckle.

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