Ben Shapiro Explains Why He'll Never Vote For Trump

Source: | 5 March 2016 | Ben Shapiro

On Friday, Breitbart News editor-at-large and editor-in-chief announced that he would never vote for Donald Trump.

While co-hosting his KRLA 870 AM and KTIE 590 AM radio shows in Southern California, Shapiro said:

As you know, I’ve been agonizing on air over whether I would ever vote for Donald Trump. And I’m starting to come down firmly in the #NeverTrump camp. I will never vote for this man. I will not pull the lever for this man. I will not pull the lever for him in a general election or in a primary. It’s not going to happen. And the reason is that if conservatives never say “no” at some point, then they’re never going to have the opportunity to say “yes.” Because the logic of the Republican Party is, “the conservatives are going to be forced to vote for whomever we choose, that whomever we put out there, 

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)


 or Mitt Romney or Donald Trump, we’re going to put that person out there and we’re just going to make you vote for that person because they’re better than Hillary Clinton, or better than Barack Obama.” If you don’t say no at some point, gang, you’re never going to get a nominee to whom you can actually proudly stand up and say yes. You’re always going to be the sucker, because they can just take your vote for granted.

Asked later in the show about the possibility of Hillary being elected if conservatives failed to show up for Trump, Shapiro stated:

Am I willing to risk a Hillary presidency not to vote for Trump? The answer is yes. The reason the answer is yes is because I am not going to watch the only party that has a possibility of reflecting conservatism descend into this. I’m just not going to do it. I’m not going to be complicit in the death of the conservative movement at the hands of Donald Trump. If we’re going to have an opposition, let it be the opposition, let us not be our own opposition. I thought this whole battle was about taking the party back from the establishment. And so the idea is that we’re now going to hand it over to the one person who is going to destroy – he’s not going to destroy the establishment – but destroy the possibility of conservatism? In 1964, Republicans lost badly to Lyndon Baines Johnson. Without that happening, there is no Ronald Reagan. In 1976, they rebelled against Gerald Ford. Without that happening, there is no Ronald Reagan. So, if we actually want to have a conservative leader at any point in the future, not just an Arnold Schwarzenegger Republican, at some point we’re…

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  • slhancock1948 #2191

    I agree with him 100%. We often say we’ll not vote for McCain, Romney, etc. but in the end we do so the democrat doesn’t win. This year, I will not vote for Trump, either. I will write in Cruz. I pray that if Trump wins that Millions more will do the same. Enough millions to give the WH to Cruz. He is the only choice.

    Good article, but long. I liked listening to Breitbart in the AMs going to work, but they are in for Trump, especially Steven K. Bannon. To be fair, he has Cruz and/or some of his people, but the majority of time is on Trump. I get tired of the Trump is so great, he’s going to make America great again…I could just puke. Enough with the lies already! There is plenty of evidence out there on Trump on top of his antics this election cycle. I cannot and will not vote Trump. It is a matter of principle!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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