Biden cancels military-funded border wall projects

Source: The Hill | April 30, 2021 | Niv Elis

President Biden is cancelling projects to build a wall along the southern border using diverted defense funds and will use some funding to counter environmental damage from the wall’s construction.

Then-President Trump had diverted billions in defense and military construction funds toward building the wall, using emergency powers after Congress refused to fully fund the project directly.

“Consistent with the President’s Proclamation terminating the redirection of funds for border wall, no more money will be diverted from other purposes to building a border wall,” a Biden administration official said Friday.

“Today, the Department of Defense will begin cancelling all wall projects using the diverted funds, and will take steps to return remaining unobligated military construction funds to their appropriated purpose as permitted by law.”

A Defense Department spokesperson said the funds would be returned to accounts designated for “schools for military children, overseas military construction projects in partner nations, and the National Guard and Reserve equipment account,” but added that the department was reviewing projects to determine priorities.

Upon entering office, Biden canceled the state of emergency Trump had declared along the southern border and paused construction on the wall in order to conduct a review, though the 60-day period for the review’s completion has long passed.


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