Biden congratulates newly-formed Israeli government

Source: The Hill | June 13, 2021 | Mychael Schnell

President Biden and other U.S. officials on Sunday congratulated Israel’s new government after the coalition survived a vote of confidence in the Israeli parliament, officially ousting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office.

Biden spoke on the phone Sunday afternoon with Israel’s newly-minted Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. The While House said Biden offered his “warm congratulations” and “expressed his firm intent to deepen cooperation” between the U.S. and Israel “on the many challenges and opportunities facing the region.” 

Biden said his administration plans to “work closely” with the Israeli government on efforts to “advance peace, security, and prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians,” and underscored his “decades of steadfast support for the U.S.-Israel relationship and his unwavering commitment to Israel’s security,” according to a readout of the call provided by the White House.

“The leaders agreed that they and their teams would consult closely on all matters related to regional security, including Iran,” the readout added.

The Israeli parliament on Sunday approved the new power-sharing government led by Bennett, the Orthodox leader of Israel’s religious-nationalist movement and a former Netanyahu aide, in a close vote of confidence, 60-59 with one abstention.

The vote marks the first time in 12 years that Israel will be led by someone other than Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s Likud-run government will now be replaced with a hodgepodge of Israeli parties that came together around the prospect of removing the sitting prime minister, despite their limited agreement on few issues.


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