Brad Thor/Glenn Beck Flap Reveals Trump Supporters To Be Social Justice Warriors

Source: RedState | June 2, 2016 | Jay Caruso

Donald Trump supporters love to portray Trump as the ultimate alpha male. They brag on how “He fights!” They revel in his infantile attacks on the media and of course they guffaw when he attacks fellow Republicans with nicknames. They will also tell you to “Get over it!” if you dare to call out Trump’s idiocy.

They pretend to be the ones who are part of the “not-PC” culture that is “fighting back” against the social justice warriors. It’s all a facade. Trump will launch into a whiny attacks against critics screaming how “unfair” they are being to him. He will lie without shame about his critics and he takes to Twitter to air his grievances, knowing millions of his adoring fans will RT him and cheer him on.


It was a pathetic and juvenile display from a bunch of crybabies who are like cultists worshiping at the feet of a 70 year old crybaby. People with “free speech advocates” in their Twitter profiles. Talk about irony. Susan covered who really advocates for free speech.

That said, do you know what Brad Thor and Glenn Beck’s real sin is? They don’t support Donald Trump. If they supported Trump and this conversation was about Hillary Clinton, The Trump Cult would have been overjoyed and would have been advocating Sirius headquarters be burned to the ground for daring to suspend Beck.

But it was Donald Trump. And like good little social justice warriors, they went out and did their thing. They are counting the Sirius suspension as some kind of “victory.” I suspect that is where their victory will end. Thor did not advocate for assassination and Trump’s social justice army will have to seek out a new battlefront.

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    I am sick to death of this election cycle already. This is just getting more bizarre. I listened to that episode and there was NOTHING there to make such a big deal about. An author cannot give his opinion of a candidate? So, we all have to mind what we say or be turned in to be arrested? When did this become the USSR?

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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