BREAKING: Trump Settles Trump University Lawsuit For $25 Million

Source: The Resurgent | January 18, 2017 | Marc Giller

President-elect of the United States Donald J. Trump has just paid $25 million to settle a lawsuit brought against him by former students of the now-defunct Trump University!


….From everything I’ve read, the plaintiffs in this case really did have a valid claim (the instructors seem to have sold the “university” the same way those old 976 numbers sold “Beautiful ladies are just waiting for your call!”).  Trump lending his name and his imprimatur to that venture seems, in retrospect, either a huge mistake or a huge con, depending on your point of view.  Providing restitution to the people who lost money is not only the best thing for Trump’s presidency, it’s the right thing to do–period.

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  •  Dom Ruinart #12906

    Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign is under FBI investigation for its contacts with Russian operatives. And, the fact that they’re talking to specific people means they got FISA court clearance months ago.

     CA Surveyor #12959

    Ruined art seems to result in an allergy to truth.

    What has drawn Michael Moore to this lonely forum?

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